I’ve Been Thinkin’ is a collection of rotoscoped animations that I update as often as I can. The name came from a book my friend, James, told me and our friend, Melissa, about many years ago called “I‘ve Been Thinking” written by Charles Battell Loomis. I feel the preface is a good, loose description of what I want this site to be. That’s why the first video I made is of me reading the preface of the book. Sometimes you'll see my friend Toomer speak his mind but you'll also see other, "visually interesting" videos. I hope that the quality of the videos will gradually get better as I learn more about the awesome Adobe products such as Illustrator.  If you ever have any ideas for videos I should make, please go to the Contact page and send them along!  If this site gets popular enough, I would love to start making merchandise.  If you want some shwag, please tell everyone you know about this site so we can get that ball rolling.  Also, I'm available for commisions and freelance in this rotoscope animation style.  I know that most of these videos have a very similar style but I can do others too.